Pop & Rock hits with a Mexican twist!

Beato Burrito are a crazy trio of Rock & Pop loving Mariachi musicians who perform a variety of popular and well-known songs in a Mariachi style!

Hula Hoop Artist Ailona performs her sexy new Rock routine to Jimi Hendrix’s Foxy Lady.

The Raymond & Mr Timpkins Revue

The Raymond and Mr Timpkins Revue are a prop/music driven double act, professionally dancing about and holding up words and pictures since 2004.

Drawn together by the irresistible force of showbiz in the mid nineteen eighties, Raymond and Mr Timpkins first chose to show off aboard the Portsmouth based pop band, ‘Uncle Barneys Atomic Wobblers’, until the natural forces of attrition bore down and the band distilled to the current ruggedly handsome duo.

Cutting their teeth compering and performing in Comedy and Variety nights at The Wedgewood Rooms in Southsea, the nineties wafted gently past until, eventually and not before time, London called. With the fledgling post-fix, “Revue”, added, they blasted the clubs with their Guitar and Stylophone stylings, wowing rooms with super slick prop manipulation, dazzling jaded eyes with sandal based choreography that remains inimitable.

Clem Curtis’ Build Me Up Buttercup was interrupted by this lady deciding to boogie alongside him… think she’d had one too many!!

Hula Hoop Artist Ailona Lukiyanova

Ailona’s act is seductive, bold and exciting; an experience that will leave you breathless.
She presents a captivating hula-hoop act that received a nomination for Best Ground Act 2003 at the 16th CFA Circus Awards.

Ailona’s upbringing in a circus family gave her the opportunity to master many disciplines and allowed her to develop the flexibility and skills which led to her outstanding hula-hoop act she performs today.

Her attention to detail and commitment to her performance is unmatched. Her incredible flexibility and rhythm make everything she does look effortless and impressive.

Granny Turismo take to the streets!

Over the past two years street theatre act Granny Turismo has been delighting audiences wherever they go and is one of the most talked-about acts around. The show has universal appeal and is part walkabout, part circle show and wholly engaging. When Doris, Mary and Marge arrive on their souped-up shopping trolleys, everyone takes notice.

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Olly Murs gives Blobbie Williams and Baldy Murs a shout out on Radio One.

Take Fat's Blobbie and Baldy Murs will be touring for those who can't get to see Robbie & Olly on their own tour.

Amazing dinosaur walkabout act!

With life like sounds and animatronic faces, our dinosaur blinks, moves, runs, his tail even sways viciously from side to side.